2022 Virtual Race 5k
Run 4 Boba

Run 4 Boba Virtual Race is back for a 3rd edition!

Thanks to @nichelecassandra for this year’s artwork!

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What started as a pandemic project, is now an annual event! Thanks to everyone’s support!

The story of

Run 4 Boba

Run4Boba started as a pandemic project in 2020 and now are on to our 3rd edition!

Covid-19 pandemic happened and everyone was affected, including small businesses. The organizer was thinking of ways to support local businesses, what better way than encouraging a larger group of people to go out and support by celebrating small victories. A virtual race idea came up and the rest is history. The best part? You don’t need to be a runner, everyone can participate. You can complete your 5k anywhere (all our participants come from different cities), anytime (early bird or midnight owl? doesn’t matter!) and however you want (cannot finish in one go? split it, go slow, pace yourself). Oh yeah, celebrate your 5k / 3.1 miles with a boba and a happy selfie with your medal !  

Virtual Races

These runs are motivation for me to see new areas and have more appreciation around me.

@onlyonemrabe82 - Past participant
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